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Welcome to, Singapore’s most trusted Indian maid agency! As a leading provider of reliable and professional domestic helper services, we understand the importance of finding the perfect match to meet your household needs. we will shed light on the different types of domestic workers available, namely Transfer Maids, New Maids, and Experienced Maids. Knowing the distinctions between these categories can help you make an informed decision when hiring a domestic helper.

Q: What is meant by “Transfer Maid”?

A: “Transfer Maids” are domestic workers who are already available locally and do not need to be brought in from their country of origin. They are typically maids who are currently employed by another employer but are seeking a new employer for various reasons. These reasons may include the expiry of their two-year contract, the employer discontinuing their maid service, or the desire for better job opportunities. Hiring a Transfer Maid can have several benefits:

Faster Hiring Process: Since Transfer Maids are already in Singapore, the hiring process is generally quicker compared to recruiting from overseas.

Local Experience: Transfer Maids have prior experience in working and living in Singapore, which can help them adapt more easily to your household routines and local customs.

Verified Work History: Their previous employer can provide references and insights into their work ethics and performance, giving you more confidence in your hiring decision.

Q: What are “New Maids”?

A: “New Maids” refer to domestic workers who are currently not residing in Singapore. Regardless of whether they have previously worked in Singapore or other countries, they are considered “New Maids” as long as they are presently not in Singapore. Hiring a New Maid may be the right choice for you if:

Specific Requirements: If you have specific preferences or qualifications you’re looking for in a domestic helper, recruiting a New Maid allows you to have a fresh start and train them according to your needs.

Q: What are “Experienced Maids”?

A: “Experienced Maids” are domestic workers who have prior experience working in Singapore. They have previously been employed by other households in the country and have acquired experience in providing domestic services. Unlike “New Maids,” “Experienced Maids” have already worked in Singapore before and may have a better understanding of local customs and practices. Opting for an Experienced Maid can be advantageous due to:

Efficient Adaptation: Their prior experience in Singapore helps them adapt more quickly to the local lifestyle and household routines.

Enhanced Skillset: Experienced Maids often possess a broader skillset and knowledge in domestic tasks due to their previous work experience.

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