Myanmar Maid Agency in Yangon

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You have come to the right place. We have a comprehensive list of suppliers from Yangon. Please contact us below WhatsApp number for details. +6582612108

Myanmar maids in Singapore are getting more popular these days due to the relative higher salary of Indonesian and Philippine maids. Although the total number of Myanmar maids are below Indonesian and Philippine counterparts, they are fast approaching to dominate the domestic workers market as they due to their flexible and hardworking nature.

Myanmar domestic maids from Yangon are an integral part of Singaporean households. They take on essential roles, from cleaning to childcare. Living with their employers, they form strong bonds with the families they serve. While their dedication and hard work are recognized.

These domestic helpers often send a significant portion of their earnings back to Myanmar, supporting their families and the country’s economy.

The relationship between Myanmar domestic maids and Singaporean households is complex, shaped by cultural, economic, and legal factors.

Despite challenges, it’s important to acknowledge their contributions to Singaporean society and the sacrifices they make for their families in Myanmar. Efforts are ongoing to create a fair and safe working environment, promoting a more harmonious coexistence.

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