Top 3 Maid Agency in Tampines Singapore

Top 3 Maid Agencies in Tampines

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Nayramaids agency is ACCREDITED with
Indonesia Embassy and we are committed to provide you with the best
domestic helpers to meet your needs.
In order to give you the best, we
choose to personally screen and interview the applicants before recommending to
you. All the applicants will have to undergo proper trainings and assessments
to ensure that they possess the relevant skillset such as house cleaning,
laundry, ironing and cooking before they are deployed to work.

Top 3 Maid Agency in Tampines

Asia Manpower Resources Pte Ltd

We specialize in bringing qualified foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, Myanmar , Mizoram and the Philippines to Singapore. Indonesian maid is our key source of supply and we are one of the leading supply with our own training center in Surabaya, East Java.

Top 3 Maid Agency in Tampines


We Specialized in Indonesian maids

Top 3 maid agency in Tampines

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