Top 4 Maid Agency in Bukit Timah Singapore

Top 4 Maid Agency in Bukit Timah Singapore

Discover the top 4 maid agency in Bukit Timah, renowned for their exceptional service and commitment to providing reliable domestic assistance. These agencies are trusted for their professionalism and expertise, making them go-to choices for quality maid services in the Bukit Timah area

We recruit Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) from countries approved by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore (MOM) such as Indonesia, Myanmar, India and transfer helpers who are already in Singapore.

We trained these FDWs in the respective countries and when they are ready, we match them with suitable families and bring them into Singapore. We will assist employers in their FDW selection process by giving our honest feedback and advice, arrange interviews through phone or webcam, arrange all the documentation and apply work permit for the selected FDW.

We will pick up the FDW on her arrival date, bring her for a medical check-up, send her for SIP (Settling-In Programme) and finally arranged for her thumb printing to be done. We provide counseling and if necessary re-training to FDWs that have difficulty fitting into the Singapore culture or fitting into the employer’s household.


Top 4 Maid Agency in Bukit Timah Singapore

Stella Recruitment Agency Pte Ltd

Welcome to Stella Recruitment Agency Pte Ltd

Stella Recruitment Agency Pte. Ltd. is a registered company specialising in hiring domestic workers.

Today, it is an essential need to have a domestic worker in each and every house. We carefully hand-picked suitable candidates through interviewing and screening just to match the clients� needs.

We have care takers not only from Indonesia and Philippines but Myanmar and Mizoram as well! All are well-trained by our skilled Trainers at designated training centres.

Top 4 Maid agency in Bukit Timah Singapore

Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd

Unistarr Employment provides Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) from Indonesia, Philippines, Manipur, Mizoram & Myanmar.
We have New, Transfer, Experienced in Singapore and Experienced in overseas FDWs.

We are a licensed maid agency approved by Ministry of Manpower (Singapore).
Our FDWs are from licensed overseas agents with training centres equipped with the necessary requirements.

Unistarr is formed by a group of professionals to provide quality service to employers seeking FDWs.
The team identified many employers lamenting about their FDWs and it was usually a case of mismatch since the requirements of the employers were not met.
Unistarr prioritizes the needs of the employers above all to enhance the situation.

We provide training for our maids in Singapore.
Maids will be exposed to electrical items, cleanliness & cooking.

TM Global HR Consultancy

TM Global is the 1st in Singapore to provide free home services as well as personal consultation by our team of experienced and friendly staffs.

Top 4 Maid Agency in Bukit Timah Singapore
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